About Us

Who wouldn't be inspired by the gorgeous landscape of Four Corners, New Mexico?

This is the birthplace of the Grant Experts and is the community that hosts our central office.

Four Corners, New Mexico

Since 1995, the Grant Experts has been diligently serving the fundraising and grant writing needs of schools and education agencies from as nearby as downtown Durango (Colorado), to as far away as Warwick (Rhode Island). We are a non-profit organization and a long-time member of the New Mexico Better Business Bureau (note that we have never had a complaint filed against us).

It is our organizational mission to...

"provide teachers, administrators, and educators from throughout the nation with free (or affordable) grant writing and capacity building services, to be utilized in the pursuit of discretionary funding and the advocacy of effectively educating America's students."

The central goal driving our organizational endeavors is to equip as many educators as humanly possible with no less than 100% of the resources needed to exponentially raise student achievement.

Call us, today, to discover how our grant writing services can fulfill both your organizational goals and our company mission.