The GRO Report and Grant Alert Services

For a one time fee of just $500, the Grant Experts' team will conduct a telephone-based strategic planning session with you (and as many staff members as you would like to participate). During the call, we will help you to collaboratively identify the existing funding gaps as well as current and future funding priorities of your organization. Our team will then develop a comprehensive report of upcoming grant competitions for which your organization is eligible to apply and most likely to be awarded. This "Grant Research Opportunity" (GRO) report is completely customized to align with your organization's needs and priorities. A GRO report will typically include anywhere from 20 funding competitions to over 50 competitions. We only put the most appropriate grants in the report which will reduce time and future research efforts as you prepare your annual grant proposal development schedule with our staff. The neatest feature of this service actually occurs after the GRO report is completed. For as long as your organization desires, our Grant Specialist will continually track the grant competitions listed in your GRO report – as well as new grant competitions - and will send grant alerts directly to you by email so that you never miss a funding opportunity.

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