Customized Teacher Development Workshops and Coaching

The Grant Experts has teamed up with Megan Canales - one of the top teacher trainers in the country - to offer a series of teacher development workshops and coaching sessions that are fully customized to meet the specific classroom management and pedagogy needs of your teachers and (preK-12) schools. You are in for a special treat as you will find Ms. Canales' enthusiasm contagious and her innovative ideas and strategies becoming classroom essentials.


Ms. Canales is an expert on supporting teachers to close achievement gaps in the classroom by building multiple intelligences, enhancing relationships and engagement, and by making lasting connections in the classroom through child centered, cross curricular instructional approaches. She will explain why certain strategies, assessments, materials, and organizational structures are effective while offering an exploratory environment for educators to try new techniques, and an opportunity for honest feedback and collaboration with peers. She is the ideal trainer for teachers who demand more than "skill and drill" for their students and who are ready to take learning to a whole new plateau.

In preparing for the customized training at your school, Megan will first conduct a mini needs assessment and planning session with you (or a team of your staff) over the phone. This will provide Megan with insight into your needs and issues that will be addressed through the training. Together, you and Megan will then set up a training schedule and agenda that is conductive to such needs. The schedule may call for a large group training for teachers, one-on-one coaching, or small group workshops covering several different training topics. Whether the training be targeted for educators, administrators, or as a co-teacher of students, Megan will offer an exceptionally delivered, scientifically based professional development opportunity that is 100% tailored to her audience.

Topics that Megan most frequently is asked to train on includes:

  • Response to Intervention (RtI) First Tier
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Coach 4 Success: Model Reading, Writing, and Math Instruction
  • State Test Prep Boot Camp
  • Classroom Climate
  • Team Building
  • Coaching Model: Goal Setting
  • Classroom Management
  • Data Review and Curricula Alignment
  • Creating Self Motivated Students

The Grant Experts and Ms. Canales are strongly committed to life-long learning and a vision of excellence in education. Give us a chance to motivate and educate your teachers so that they can take their professional skills in the classroom to the next level. It is our goal to support and inspire teachers in becoming more thoughtful and knowledgeable about their instruction so they may in turn inspire the very students they are educating. We believe learning begins with the teacher and filters its way to positively impacting student performance. We are confident that we can equip your teachers with the toolbox required to reach and exceed their instructional and student achievement goals.

Register today and arrange for Megan to spend the day with you!


  • $2,300 daily rate (plus travel reimbursement)