Free Grant Writing

Don't have time to write grants?
Why not get a professional to write them for free?

Let's face it, most teachers and administrators just don't have time in their busy schedules to write grants. An award winning grant proposal can take a professional writer weeks, sometimes months to prepare. Our services are, therefore, dedicated to all educators who are exhausted by the time they get home from work and who don't care to learn the language of "grant-eese."

You heard it right.
You never have to stay up to 1:00 AM writing grants again!

The Grant Experts is one of the most successful fundraising and grant writing agencies in the country. We offer a fantastic (and free!) grant writing assistance program that requires no upfront out-of-pocket cost to schools and education agencies. We are able to provide free proposal writing services because of our unique partnership with curriculum developers and professional development sponsors who will typically cover the grant writing fee for our clients. When a grant opportunity is released and if it is a good fit for you, we will arrange for the sponsor to pay for the cost of the grant writing expenses on behalf of your organization as long as a small, but reasonable portion of the grant budget is dedicated to purchasing the sponsor's products if (and only if) the grant is awarded. The Grant Experts will also arrange for a small portion of the grant award (usually no more than 10-15%) to cover the cost of performing the grant evaluation service. This service includes the development of progress reports, assessments, and fidelity auditing of the grant implementation process so that you are in compliance with the grantor. This is a "win win" situation for most of our clients because...

  • they do not have the funds to pay for professional grant writing,
  • they do not have the time or personnel to perform post-award research and evaluation which is a mandatory part of most grant awards, and
  • they want innovative learning technologies and training opportunities on their campuses.

If you opt not to work with a sponsor and would rather pay for the grant writing services directly, that is fine, too. We charge $3,300 per grant (in addition to our post award fee to conduct the evaluation service if - and only if - your grant is awarded). Just let us know what upfront payment option you prefer so we can accommodate you.

Our Philosophy...

The Grant Experts' team has written grants for thousands of non-profit organizations, school districts, post-secondary educational institutions, and non-profit agencies since our founding 13 years ago. We are considered one of the oldest, most reliable grant writing organizations in the country. We are a non-profit agency that works only for the purpose of supporting educators and raising student achievement. We take a very unique approach to grant writing - one that maximizes our award rate and the overall success of awarded and implemented grant programs. The first step in our grant writing process incorporates a strategic planning session with the client. This allows us to identify the client's funding needs, goals, priorities, and capacity to potentially implement the activities desired by funders. We will only write grants that have the highest chance of award - and that are a fit for our clients. During the writing phase, we spend a great deal of time with our clients as we work together to plan the program design, develop a budget, and create a grant proposal that is an accurate reflection of the client's needs and mission. This approach to grant proposal development is the same as if we were acting as an in-house grant writer who has intimate knowledge of your agency. Our approach includes the coaching of clients on ways in which they can create meaningful partnerships so that the scope of our grant proposals are far-reaching and able to impact as many students as possible. We don't believe in templating grant proposals, "ghost writing", or "writing in a vacuum". Our grant proposals are of the highest quality because they are a result of our client's input, passion, and vision.

How can you access the Grant Experts' grant writing services? Call (888-grant41), (email us), or click here to talk with our Grant Geeks.