FUNtabulous Fundraising!

There are a multitude of underlying flaws with traditional school fundraising strategies. By traditional, we mean candy sales, catalog drives, etc. The problems stem from the limited amount of funds that schools can make due to the nature of these types of fundraisers, the large amount of time and effort required to be minimally successful, and the fact that most students and parents are just not motivated (or do not have the time) to participate. The Grant Experts' philosophy to traditional school fundraising programs is...

"Out with the old - in with the new"

  • How do the best schools in the country incorporate academic skill building into their fundraising programs?
  • How can you work smarter not harder (i.e., making more revenue for your classroom while expending less time on fundraising)?
  • How can you earn revenue for your classroom every day of the year without having to barely lift a finger?
  • How can you transform your classroom and your students' academic progress into an open opportunity for corporate and private donors to get financially involved?

Answers to these and all of your other questions are discussed during our full-day "FUNtabulous Fundraising!" training. Working in teams, participants develop a detailed fundraising plan for their classrooms; they learn how to set and monitor their fundraising goals; and they learn tons of fresh, new ideas on how to effectively raise funds for their classrooms while also raising student achievement and parent involvement. Register today and arrange for our FUNtabulous Fundraising! trainer to spend a day at your school or education agency.


  • $950 (plus the cost of the training binders at $35 per attendee and travel reimbursement)