Grant Writers Bios

Deborah Montgomery-Fordyce

Trainer Pic - Title: Grant Writer
- Years of Grant Writing Experience: Over 15 years
- Sampling of Grants Awarded: Teacher Incentive Fund, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Teaching American History, Carol M. White Physical Education Grant, Transition to Teaching, Improving Literacy Through School Libraries, Comprehensive School Reform, Reading First, Mentoring Grant, Early Reading First, AmeriCorps, School Dropout Grant, Even Start, Charter School Program Grant, Learning in the Arts, TRIO Grants, Drug Free Communities, Enhancing Education Through Technology, and many others.
- Personal Message from Deb: I love my job and the clients I serve. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure that the grants I write are aligned with the needs of those children and educators who will ultimately benefit from my work. Being a grant writer allows me to improve the climate of schools, raise student achievement, and enhance the pedagogical skills and resources of teachers. In addition to being a mother of two boys, my background includes working for many years as a school teacher and as a grant writer for my local school district. I have a Bachelors Degree in Political Science (from Cal State Bakersfield), an MBA, and a Doctorate Degree in Law. Give me a call anytime; I would love the opportunity to write a grant for your education agency.

Traci Goff

Trainer Pic - Title: Grant Writer
- Years of Grant Writing Experience: Over 12 years
- Sampling of Grants Awarded: Teaching American History, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Education Grant, NASA Schools Grant, National Science Foundation Science and Technology Grant, Access to Benefits Grant, Bank of America Foundation, Ben B. Cheney Foundation, PacifiCorp Foundation for Learning, Helping Hand of Oregon Foundation, Intel Education Foundation, JFR Foundation, MJ Murdock Charitable Trust, Microsoft Corporation Foundation, the Union Pacific Foundation, SAMHSA Grants, and many more.
- Personal Message from Traci: I have worked with a multitude of universities and school districts throughout the United States over my tenure with the Grant Experts. It is my job to listen to my client’s needs. I then set out to write the highest quality grant proposal possible so that it results in funding for my clients and their students based on such needs. All of our writers, including myself, are not in this to make money. We have a greater purpose and that is to serve you.

Dr. Muller

Trainer Pic - Title: Grant Writer
- Years of Grant Writing Experience: Over 20 years!
- Sampling of Grants Awarded: National Science Foundation-University Cooperative Research Grant, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, AmeriCorps, Utah Child Trust Fund, Distance Education Grant, Utah Department of Education Adult Ed Grant, EPA Environmental Education Grant, Enhancing Education Through Technology, Tobacco Settlement Fund, School to Work, Gear Up, Talent Search, Youthbuild, Disproportionate Minority Confinement Grant, Safe & Drug Free Schools, and many more.
- Personal Message from Dr. Muller: I consider myself a generalist as I offer my clients a wide range of capacity building services. These include proposal writing, assessment, evaluation tool development, research, and coaching. I have over 20 years of experience working with educators at the K-12 and university level. I have served on a multitude of grant review boards in addition to providing consulting and technical assistance to several state and federal education agencies. Other projects and hobbies that I focus on include the authoring of books and training materials about “simple living strategies” as well as spending quality time with my wife and children."


"I was new to the field of education when I attended the fitness and music in the classroom training. I was having trouble with student discipline and I have to admit, I was on the verge of quitting the profession all together. Attending this training completely changed my perspective. I was so excited to get back into my classroom and actually start using the concepts from the training. What I learned drastically changed the way I interact with children and the way I teach. Thank you, so much."

"After completing the grant writer mentoring training, my Grant Expert Mentor helped me write a $1.5 million grant that was awarded four months later. I was promoted as the Program Director of that grant and received a 20% salary increase. I guess my investment in that training resulted in a pretty good return on investment."

"I attended the Grant Writer S.O.S. Training when it was offered in Farmington several years ago. I felt 100% equipped to begin writing grants for my private school after the training was over and I am happy to report that I have obtained over $750,000 in state and foundation grants since the training. This is pretty impressive due to the fact that I was a complete novice to grant writing before the training."

"Is attending this training worth the time and money? My answer is an astounding: YES!"