How to Become a Grant Sponsor

Get your Products Into Grants!

Do you sell high quality products or training services to schools, post-secondary institutions, and education agencies?

By partnering with the Grant Experts, your customers will never again say:
"We love your products but we can't afford to buy them."

The Grant Experts offers companies, like yours, the perfect opportunity to not only streamline your products into these types of organizations but to also help education agencies raise student achievement and meet their funding needs.

Our program is very simple. The Grant Experts' clientele includes over 5,000 public school districts, charter schools, educational non-profits, and higher education institutions from throughout the United States. All of our clients need grant writing services but do not have the funds to pay for the upfront costs of a professional grant writer. Everyday, our Grant Specialists research and alert these clients of upcoming grant opportunities. When a client expresses an interest in moving forward with a particular grant, our staff will present to the client the list of vendor sponsors whose products are a good fit for the scope of the grant competition. Depending on the time of year, the Grant Experts writes between 25 to over 50 of these types of grants a month - and works with just a small number of vendor sponsors (typically no more than 6 at a time). A conference call is then held between all parties involved, which provides a platform for the vendor sponsor to assess the product needs of the client, ensure the client is committed to the product, and develop a sales quote for the client. It is the vendor sponsor who pays for the client's grant writing fee, which is never more than $3,300 per grant proposal. The vendor's products and services are then written into the grant proposal. If and when the grant is awarded, a portion of the grant funds will be dedicated to pay for the vendor's products and services as agreed upon through a signed contract.

The exposure alone of having the Grant Experts share information on your products with thousands of education agencies across the country will often times lead to large dollar sales on their own. When you combine this service with the opportunity for your products to be purchased with grant funds, it is not uncommon for many of our sponsors to make millions of dollars a year in sales just from participating in our program. The return on investment is extremely high as the average purchase from just one awarded grant is $175,000 (usually over a 3 year period).

Give us a call (888-grant41), send us an email, or chat online with the Grant Geeks to find out how you can become a Grant Experts' vendor sponsor.

Interested vendor sponsors can click here to read about our approach to grant writing. As you will read, we write every grant as though we were an internal grant writer for our customers - intimately aware of our customers' needs. We do not template or "cookie-cut" grant proposals - which are techniques frowned upon by funders and commonly used by questionable grant writers.