Raising Classroom Achievement with Music and Fitness Workshop

What impact does boredom have on a classroom? Tons! Don't let your students shut-down and turn-off to learning. This highly engaging workshop will examine powerful strategies and techniques to motivate and invigorate the learning process to anchor core concepts. During the one-day session, we will explore:

  • How students anchor learning through their bodies with movement
  • Why movement energizes and integrates the body and brain for optimal learning
  • When movement facilitates cognition and reinforces academic concepts for better retrieval of memory and increased student achievement
  • What movement activities makes learning "fun"
  • Where to apply researched-based strategies

Why not take your academic classrooms and jump-start them with movement, action, music, and fun? When kids are engaged in the learning process, scores and fitness goes up and discipline problems go down.


With Cathie's full-day "Raising Classroom Achievement with Music and Fitness," you will...

  • Understand the role of movement in reinforcing curriculum concepts
  • Experience learning through movement
  • Discover kinesthetic teaching and learning strategies
  • Anchor standards-based core content kinesthetically
  • Combine academic and physical education minutes for compliance
  • Learn tools and techniques for health and wellness legislation
  • Develop an action plan to include movement in academics

You'll leave Cathie's workshop with a wealth of information to "make-it-happen" in your classroom.


  • $3,400 daily fee (plus travel reimbursement)